Our Program

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Training Specialties

Copper HART specializes in remedial or “troubled” horses. We are able to finish a horse in a variety of English or Western type disciplines, or just correcting an undesirable behavior. Copper HART’s trainer, Amanda, has a knack for interpreting equine behavior and “listening” to what might be causing their unwanted behaviors. Once a cause of the unwanted behavior has been identified, a custom strategy is tailored to address it. Copper HART in no way subscribes to a one size fits all type training style. Each horse is worked with as an individual and their particular learning styles are identified and tailored to.

Horses in our program are neither “cowboy-ed” into submission nor whispered at without direction. Amanda has learned through years of experience that calm confidence and correct timing are what are truly effective in training. Some equines require a very soft hand and eons of patience while others require a more strategic or more intellectual way of learning. No horse is ever rushed into meeting new goals before they are ready. A horse’s needs and learning styles may adapt during the course of their training as well, which is acknowledged and corrected for. Copper HART is proud to offer a truly customized training program which lends itself so excellently to all equines, but certainly for those who have had trouble with other techniques and traditional strategies.

Copper HART focuses directly on the client’s expressed riding goals with their horse. Wanting to compete at a high level is not the only riding goal. If their client wants to be able to ride their horse down a neighborhood trail confidently once a week, that is the goal Copper HART will direct towards. If a client wants to compete at local Hunter Jumper shows, then that is the Copper HART will work towards. The “right” answer is whatever makes the client and their horse happy, whatever that may be.

Instructional Specialties

The single most important thing in learning about horses and how to ride is to have fun and enjoy your experience. Horses naturally generate happiness and peacefulness and Copper HART strives to mimic that in their instructional techniques.

Copper HART teaches students basic grooming and handling, tacking, and a bit of husbandry throughout the course of lessons. Students are taught horsemanship skills and to value their equine partners. Instruction is largely centered around encouraging riders to have soft hands and a balanced seat. Copper HART offers schooling equipment and instructional material in hunt seat and western riding style. Copper HART is so grateful for the opportunities to teach the basics to beginners, but also prides themselves in taking riders to the next level in their equestrian careers.

Amanda acknowledges that confidence and fun are two of the most important aspects of riding. Sometimes the most valuable horseback riding lessons are the ones with the least technical skills, but where a client is able to overcome an internal obstacle and grow personally. Kids, young adults, and adults who are re-visiting their love for riding can all get the most from their horse time with Copper HART because of the calm and nurturing environment we create. We take the time to learn about what each student’s riding goals are and help them to meet those goals. Copper HART is privileged enough to offer schooling horses which differ in personality and skill level, though they are all very kind and safe teachers. Being able to teach off of horses with varying skill levels and styles allows us to move alongside our students as they grow and change in their educational path.

If you are looking for a fun and relaxed horse community to learn in, Copper HART is your best option. They look forward to helping you reach your riding goals!