About Amanda

Amanda and her horse Rhys

Amanda has loved horses from a very young age and was fortunate enough to have opportunities to pursue that passion throughout her childhood and adolescence. Throughout college and early adulthood she pursued other career goals, however life continually pushed her back to her true passion. In March of 2016, Amanda established Copper Horse And Rider Training and began to turn her passion into her business. By October 2017, Amanda was able to turn her passion into a full time job and she hasn’t looked back.

Amanda competed in equine knowledge and judging competitions at the state and national levels throughout high school and college. Amanda has judged local youth competitions and conducted successful clinics. Amanda continued expanding her equine knowledge while volunteering at a very active horse rescue in Southern California where her horsemanship and husbandry skills were put to the test. The skills and knowledge she acquired there continued to fuel her passion for horses.

All of Amanda’s horses have been rescues, because of that she learned from a very young age about the power that compassion and attention can have on a horse. Amanda took formal lessons and also did a great deal of “learning by doing” in both English and Western disciplines throughout her life. Horse training grabbed her interest and she has since spent many years honing her training skills. Amanda doesn’t subscribe to or follow any one particular school of thought in regard to her training style, but rather seeks to absorb many different perspectives and techniques from multiple sources. Amanda believes the most important training or riding skills an individual can gain are those which help us to understand and effectively communicate with our horses.

Amanda specializes in training difficult or “project” horses. Her experiences with various different kinds of trainers throughout her own equestrian career have lead her to build an expansive tool box for training, which allows her to adapt her process to each horse’s needs. Amanda’s experience in horse rescue also helped her to see the importance of teaching others about effectively communicating with horses and sharing her knowledge and training tools. By teaching others how to effectively communicate, these previously “problem” horses have a better chance of continuing a happy life.

Passion, knowledge, and an insatiable love for horses drive Amanda each day. She looks forward to continuing to learn and grow her horsemanship skills for many years to come.